The assumptions of the study, recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 into the bone tunnel placed a tendon enhances bone ingrowth. Long digital extensor tendon transplant to the drilling of the proximal tibia of 65 adult mongrel dogs. Use of one limb bone morphogenetic protein, we apply two different doses of tendon - bone interface of type I collagen sponge carrier absorption and limb of the collagen sponge contralateral (control group). 3 days, 8 weeks using the X-ray, the time between the histological examination and biomechanical testing sequence tendon - bone healing attachment were assessed. At all time points, histological and imaging studies show that bone formation of a broader set of new bone protein treatment limb tendon in the paired control limbs around the tendon. Protein processing in the biomechanical testing showed higher tensile strength of the tendon at all time points, the low-dose treatment difference was statistically significant in the two weeks between end and control end. Proposed superior healing histological and biomechanical data, in the low protein doses. This study shows that bone morphogenetic protein can accelerate the process of wound healing, tendon graft bone tunnel.